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Orca Jam 4

OrcaJam is a local Game-Jam event along the lines of the Global Game Jam or TIGJams. It's an event where a bunch of like-minded people get together and work on what they love - games - for 48 hours. What's more fun than getting together and doing what you love, with people that love you? Programmers! Artists! Audio Engineers! Board game designers! Anyone interested in game development at all should come; team up with your newfound friends and make something amazing! Many from the local crowd are experienced developers, and will be working on their own projects or within their own teams for this event. But not everyone! You can team up with others, maybe learn a new skill, and jump on board with anyone that'll have you. Be sure to show up at the pre-event mixer to brainstorm ideas and team up with people that can show you the ropes!

Start date: 2013-09-06
End date: 2013-09-08

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