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NASA - Dark Side of the Jam

What is the Dark Side of the Jam? A game jam hosted by NASA! Game developers around the planet will gather to make games about space and science. The Dark Side of the Jam is open to all, whether you’re a veteran developer, hobbyist, or student. Ideally your games will not only be great achievements in coding prowess, but will help capture the public’s interest in the real science and technology advancements being made in aerospace exploration. DSJ is an educational project of the Night Rover Challenge. Learn more about this $1.5 Million dollar NASA Centennial Challenge for advanced energy storage technology. You might even want to use it in a game! And be sure to check out NASA’s other Centennial Challenges – multi-million dollar prize competitions to catalyze amazing new technologies!

Start date: 2013-03-08
End date: 2013-03-10

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