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Magical Girl Jam

Magical Girl shows like Sailor Moon are something I grew up with and they hold a dear place in my heart. My friends and I got all riled up on Twitter when talking about making games based on Magical Girls and I decided to make it official. Welcome to the Magical Girl Jam! What’s a Magical Girl? If you’re not sure what a Magical Girl even is or means then please visit the Resources page for links to example shows you can watch for free online. Or get lost in a TVTropes rabbit hole. What’s a jam? Game jams are where game developers get together and within a specified time period (usually a single weekend or a week) they create a game from scratch based on the provided theme. This is a long jam, so you have until Halloween to figure out and make your entry. This jam is not just limited to games! Feel free to work on any sort of craft you want to express your personal love of the Magical Girl genre. As long as it’s an original creation and not fan-art then it is totally acceptable for this. (I love fan-art but this jam is about creating new Magical Girls, a flood of Magical Girls!) This jam is not just limited to girls or things starring girls! "Magical Girl Jam" is kind of a misnomer since that is what the genre is called. I’ve included an example of a Magical Boy show on the Resources page for inspiration. Please feel free to run with it!

Start date: 2013-09-01
End date: 2013-10-31

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