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Recently, Gamasutra quoted the video-game industry saying, "you can't have a female character in games". Join us to challenge these out-dated views during our very first game jam themed around strong, female protagonists! This site is dedicated to games for all, by all. If you love games and respect your fellow human being, it is dedicated to you, too. This site is about you… and you and you and you! It's about all of us. Together we all play, and together we can make great things: games have the power to change the world, and so do you! It's more than being annoyed when reading something you feel is deeply misguided. It's about stepping up as a community to make a difference in the world. There is a large portion of under-represented people, undeveloped content, and unrealized potential in the games industry today. Large, risk-averse companies are creating content based on misguided perceptions of what gamers want. It's time to challenge those perceptions. Let's jam!

Start date: 2013-07-12
End date: 2013-07-14

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