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Extended Play 2012 Game Jam

EXPLAY GAME JAM 2012 Are you ready to push yourself to the limit, flex your brain, drop your pants and reach for the sky? The Extended Play game jam is where raw creativity reacts with extreme digital skills to explode and shower the public in face-melting interactive sickness. The Wellcome Trust, Science Museum and Pervasive Media Studios will be hosting the 2012 ExPlay Games Jam with 120 games enthusuiasts all taking part in a 24 hour games development frenzy over two locations for a chance to win a showcase at this year's ExPlay Festival in Bath. This October, budding games developers and designers from across the UK are invited to take part in a 24 hour Games Jam at either the Science Museum in London, and The Pervasive Media Studios in Bristol. Open to teams and individuals, the Games Jam will be led by expert bio-medical scientists from the Wellcome Trust, who will reveal a theme at the start of the 24 hour period during which participants will work round the clock to create a brand new, playable game. Completed games will be judged by experts, and winners from each location will be able to showcase their games to the public at the ExPlay Games Festival in Bath in November 2012. The Games Jam will take place on 5 and 6 October, with the theme, curated by The Wellcome Trust, announced on the morning evening of Friday 5 October and two locations linked by a live audio-visual feed. The Games are organised by ExPlay Festival, hosted by The Science Museum in London and The Pervasive Media Studios in Bristol and curated and funded by The Wellcome Trust.

Start date: 2012-10-05
End date: 2012-10-06

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