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Adventure Time Gamemaking Frenzy

Welcome to the first installment of Gamemaking Frenzy. Presented by Fantastic Arcade and JUEGOS RANCHEROS, ATGMF is a 48 hour Adventure Time themed game jam taking place September 14th to September 16th. We will be providing a local Frenzy headquarters for Austin, TX participants, but signups are open to everyone in the world! Hosted by Juegos Rancheros- Fantastic Arcade, the independent gaming event sponsored by Fantastic Fest, is proud to host the first annual Gamemaking Frenzy this year. Fantastic Arcade invites its international guest developers to take part in a 48 hour game-building expo, incorporating a new "Fantastic" theme each year, with standout games to be shown off during the festival. In addition to the all-star developers taking part, we invite the global indie game community to take part at home. Gamemaking Frenzy games will be featured free on the BMO website, where everyone can play them and join in the discussion. Game Jams are already a vital part of indie game culture, with events like TIGjam, Ludum Dare, What Would Molydeux? and the Global Game Jam. The Gamemaking Frenzy operates in the same spirit of improvisational ingenuity and fun, not unlike the already wildly popular Filmmaking Frenzy competitions. This years fantastic theme is Pendleton Ward's ADVENTURE TIME! Follow @fantasticarcade on Twitter to hear Gamemaking Frenzy updates as they are announced!

Start date: 2012-09-14
End date: 2012-09-16

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